Here at Jaycliffe, we have a cattery run by our team of highly trained and animal-loving team who will look after your cat’s every need while you are away. With years of experience, our workers will keep your cat healthy and happy during their stay with us.

Our cattery is convenient for any customers from this area, or from the areas of Rotherham and the surrounding regions. Whatever the age or breed of your cat, we can happily house them in our excellent facilities. We keep the premises clean and hygienic at all times, giving the accommodation a thorough clean between each cat’s stay with us to ensure there is no risk of spreading germs. Our team are all cat-lovers, meaning your cat will not only be kept in a hygienic space and fed well, but we will play with and groom the animals to ensure they are content at all times during their stay.

To find out more about our cattery, or to book your cat in with us today, get in touch with our friendly team. We’ll be happy to help with any queries you may have and will get your cat booked in for their stay in no time at all.